CoRoT Symposium 3, Kepler KASC-7 joint meeting
6-11 Jul 2014 Toulouse (France)


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Ultra high-precision space photometry, such as that provided by MOST, CoRoT, Kepler, or BRITE, has revolutionized the study of stars and planets beyond our solar system. The goal of the first joint CoRoT symposium and KASC meeting is to offer a fast paced but comprehensive view of the recent progress in the study of stellar systems and their components: stars and planets. The ambition of this conference is to be the dawn of new collaborations between projects, a starting point to solve some of the hot and pressing open questions on the understanding of stellar and planetary systems and their environment.

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  1. Probing stellar structure and evolution with asteroseismology
    • Stars across the HR diagram (Solar-like, red giants, δ-Scuti and γ-Doradus B-type stars, compact pulsators, roAp stars, RR Lyrae stars…)
    • Stars in clusters
    • Stellar populations
  2. Extrasolar planets and planet systems
    • Exoplanet discovery and statistics
    • Characterization of exoplanets and planetary systems
    • Exoplanet atmospheres, structure, formation, and evolution
  3. Multiple systems and star-planet interactions
    • Binary or multiple-system characterization
    • Star-planet and tidal interactions
    • Methods to detect additional components (stellar or planetary)
  4. Stellar activity and rotation
    • Magnetic fields across the HR diagram
    • Influence on the environment and the planets
    • Activity-age relation, gyrochronology
  5. Present and future ground-based and space projects. Synergies
    • APOGEE (SDSS-III) survey on CoRoT and Kepler fields (APOKASC & CoRoGEE)
    • Synergies with GAIA
    • SONG, BRITE, TESS, CHEOPS, SPIRou, Carmenes, ESA M3 missions…

Invited Speakers

I. Baraffe - M. Briquet - S. Csizmadia - C. Damiani - J. Daszynska - R. Gilliland - K. Heng - T. Kallinger - S. Mathur - A. Miglio - J. Montalban - A. Palacios - M. Pinsonneault - K. Poppenhaeger - H. Rauer - D. R. Reese - A. Santerne - V. Silva Aguirre - J. Southworth - A. Sozzetti - G. Ricker


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The registration fee is 360EUR per participant (registration will be closed on 01 June 2014).

The fee allows access to the conference venue, the welcome cocktail on Sunday evening, the coffee breaks, the lunches, the Wednesday tour and the conference dinner on Thursday night.

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