CoRoT Symposium 3, Kepler KASC-7 joint meeting
6-11 Jul 2014 Toulouse (France)

Abstracts > Sanchez Béjar Víctor J.

Mid-IR characterization of substellar companions with CanariCam
Víctor J. Sanchez Béjar  1@  
1 : Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias  (IAC)
C/ Via Lactea, s/n. E-38200. La Laguna. S. C. Tenerife. Spain -  Spain

Direct detection of extrasolar planets is the only technique that provide a completely characterization of their physical properties. Since the first unambiguous direct detection of a planetary mass companion around the brown dwarf 2MASSJ1207-3932 (Chauvin et al. 2004), several low-mass substellar companions have been found. Here we present mid-IR observations in the 8.7 micron band with the CanariCam instrument at the GTC of four of these systems: DF Tau, FU TAu, GJ 758 and kappa And. We will show the detection of some of the substellar objects and set upper limits to the 8.7 micron emission of the others. These mid-IR images of known substellar companions allow us to constrain their temperature and the presence of mid-IR excesses due to disks.

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