CoRoT Symposium 3, Kepler KASC-7 joint meeting
6-11 Jul 2014 Toulouse (France)

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KIC 7582608: A new Kepler roAp star with frequency variability
Daniel Holdsworth  1, *@  , Barry Smalley  1  , Don Kurtz  2@  , John Southworth  1  , Margarida Cunha  3@  , Kelsey Clubb  4  
1 : Keele University
Keele -  United Kingdom
2 : School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, Preston  (UCLAN)  -  Website
Staff Contact us School of Computing, Engineering & Physical Sciences University of Central Lancashire Preston Lancashire PR1 2HE -  United Kingdom
3 : Centro de Astrofísica da Universidade do Porto  (CAUP)  -  Website
Rua das Estrelas 4150 Porto -  Portugal
4 : Berkeley University of California  (UC BERKELEY)  -  Website
University of California, Berkeley Department of Mathematics Berkeley, CA 94720, USA -  United States
* : Corresponding author

We present the analysis the fifth roAp star reported in the Kepler field, KIC 7582608 discovered with the SuperWASP project. The object shows a high frequency pulsation at 181.7324 c/d with an amplitude of 1.45 millimagnitudes, and low frequency rotational modulation corresponding to a period of 20.4339 d. Spectral analysis confirms the Ap nature of the target, with the characteristic lines of Eu II, Nd III and Pr III present. The spectra are not greatly affected by broadening, which is consistent with long rotational period found from photometry. We derive an effective temperature of 8700 K from our spectral observations and derive a lower limit on the mean magnetic field modulus of 3.05+/-0.23.

Long Cadence Kepler observations show a quintuplet split by the rotational period of the star. We detect frequency variations of the pulsational signature in both the WASP and Kepler data sets, which suggest either internal changes in the pulsation cavity or external interactions such as a binary companion.

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